International Fantasy Song Contest 1
Let your Fantasies become Reality!
Venue Local village
Host Netherlands Netherlands
Number of entries 19
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10 and then 8-1 points to their favourite songs.
International Fantasy Song Contest
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This is a music contest, where people will enter with a country and their artists and songs, and vote Eurovision style (12,10, 8 to 1 Point) for their favourite song to see who comes out on top. :) The host is Jeffry390/TheRagingFalcon


The artist must have a connection to the country they represent, whether they are born, raised or have a distant origin to country.  The participants have to vote, or his/her song will get a disqualification. The participants send in a country, connecting with their songs to the theme. The participants need to include a 20 second time slot for the recap video's and a video link, otherwise their entry isn't okay.

Contest WinnersEdit

Edition Country Artist Song Points User
#2: Spain Spain Belle Perez El Mundo Bailando 79 Jeffry
#3: Germany Germany Cascada Glorious


#4: Belarus Belarus

Anastasia Vinnikova

Born in Belorussia 48 Logan
#5: France France Alizée Fifty Sixty 71 Logan
#6: Netherlands Netherlands Fabiënne Bergmans Feelings 70 Talitha
#7: Norway Norway Maria Mena Just Hold Me 91 JESC2010
#8: Italy Italy Tony Maiello Chi ha inventato i sentimenti 77 JESC2010
#9: Tunisia Tunisia Wildboyz ft. Ameerah The Sound of Missing You 88 NetherlandsESC
#10: Hungary Hungary Radics Gigi Úgy Fáj 118 Jessica
#11: Ireland Ireland The Brilliant Things Dance 94 Carl
#12: Italy Italy Laura Branigan Gloria 101 Jeffry
#13: Denmark Denmark Kato & Electric Lady Lab Alive 88 Alexander
#14: Wales Wales Bonnie Tyler Believe in Me 105 Antoinette
#15: Sweden Sweden Sarah Dawn Finer I Remember Love 101 Nick
#16: Ireland Ireland Cher Believe 109 Antoinette
#17: United-States United States Josh Groban You Raise Me Up 125 Jeffry
#18: Wales Wales Bonnie Tyler (2) Holding out for a Hero 85 Antoinette
#19: Australia Australia John Travolta & Olivia Newton John You're the one that I want 83 Jeffry
#20: South-Korea South Korea RaNia Just Go 98 Kazucchi
#21: Spain Spain El Sueño de Morfeo Depende de ti 79 Adrià
#22: Netherlands Netherlands L.A., The Voices Loop naar het Licht 80 Jeffry

Australia Australia

Natalie Imbruglia Torn 104 Adrià
#24: United-Kingdom UK Alexandra Burke The Silence 106 Adrià
#25: Portugal Portugal
Taiwan Taiwan
David Carreira
Amber Kuo
Esta Noite
I Remember
85 Alex
#26: Switzerland Switzerland DJ BoBo ft. Irene Cara What A Feeling 112 Antoinette
#27: Morocco Morocco
Cameroon Cameroon
Japan Japan
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Belgium Belgium
Monsif ft. Souhaila
Ik Wil Jou
Better Without You
Alle Kleuren
Oya Lélé
80 Ilias
#28: South-Korea South Korea NU'EST FACE 88 Antoinette
#29: N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
#30: Japan Japan MAX Tacata 10 Kazucchi
#31: Netherlands Netherlands
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Elz Bakker
Mike & Colin
Een Kater
Het is zomaar zomer
25 Jeffry
#32: France France Joyce Jonathan Ça Ira 92 Fairystyle
#33: Romania Romania Follow Your Instinct ft. Alexandra Stan Baby It's OK 83 Anton

Spain Spain

United-Kingdom UK

Yanela Brooks

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert


Same Love




#35: United-States United States Jon Cozart Movie Villain Medley 50 N/A
#36: South-Korea South Korea RaNia (2) Up 62 Kazucchi
#37: United-Kingdom UK The Vamps Can We Dance 110 Liev
#38: Canada Canada Céline Dion Loved Me Back To Life 123 Alexander
#39: Netherlands Netherlands Kim Leoni Emergency 90 Jeffry
#39.5 Spain Spain Coral Segovia Toda Está En Tu Mente 56 N/A
#40 File:Antigua and Barbuda.png Antigua and Barbuda Digicel For Life 90 Florian
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