International Fantasy Song Contest 17
Venue Dublin, Ireland Ireland
Number of entries 17
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10 and then 8-1 points to their favourite songs.
Winning song United-States United States - Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up
International Fantasy Song Contest
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IFSC 17 was held in Dublin, Ireland Ireland with 17 participating countries.

International Artists:

Helene Fischer is a German singer, with roots in Russia Russia

Josh Groban is internationally known for this and other published singles and albums.

Adele is a worldwide selling artist from England England.

Annie Lennox sold millions of records, won Oscars, Emmy's and BRIT's as Scottish singer solo and as part of Eurythmics.

Chloé came in second in the national final for Belgium Belgium for Junior Eurovision in 2008.

Eva, Martijn en Elias Storme were three quarter of the former band Trust that represented Belgium Belgium at Junior Eurovision 2007, with the song 'Anders'

The Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Japan Japan GD & Top ft. Park Bom Oh Yeah 9 56
2 China China Alan Ashita E No Sanka 15 37
3 England England Adele Someone Like You 2 100
4 Scotland Scotland Annie Lennox Walking on Broken Glass 11 53
5 Greece Greece Nicko & Katerina Stikoudi Break Me In The Dark 5 80
6 Croatia Croatia Doris Dragovic Niti Kunem, Niti Molim 13 39
7 Armenia Armenia Gor Sujyan Toy Planet 12 52
8 Italy Italy Fly Project Musica 16 34
9 Luxembourg Luxembourg Chloé Un Nouveau Rève 3 92
10 Latvia Latvia Linas Adomaitis I W Tonight 14 38
11 Belgium Belgium Eva, Martijn en Elias Storme Raindrops 10 54
12 File:Åland.png Aland Robin Stjernberg Scars 4 85
13 Germany Germany Unheilig Feuerengel DSQ DSQ
14 France France Zazie Je suis un homme 7 64
15 Sweden Sweden Yohio Heartbreak Hotel 6 69
16 Russia Russia Helene Fischer Mitten im Paradies 8 63
17 United-States United States Josh Groban You Raise Me Up 1 125
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