International Fantasy Song Contest 25
Venue London, United-Kingdom UK
Number of entries 20
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10 and then 8-1 points to their favourite songs.
Winning song Portugal Portugal David Carreira - Esta Noite
Taiwan Taiwan Amber Kuo - I Remember
International Fantasy Song Contest
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International Fantasy Song Contest #25 (abbrev. IFSC #25) was the 25th edition of International Fantasy Song Contest. It was held in London, United-Kingdom UK where 20 countries participated in the final.


Withdrawing countries Returning countries Debuting countries

The Grand FinalEdit

Marija Serifovic is a returning artist for Serbia Serbia, after becoming second in IFSC 8.

Laura Branigan is a returning artist for Italy Italy after she won IFSC 12 with Gloria. She passed away in 2004.

There was a misunderstanding in between the IFSC Organisation about the tiebreak rule, and so 2 winners were announced, as a good will make-up for the 25th Anniversary edition of IFSC.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Ziyoda Kung Tong DQ DQ
2 Canada Canada Celine Dion ft. Il Divo I Believe In You 7 60
3 Israel Israel Boaz Mauda Stay DQ DQ
4 Iran Iran Aneela & Arash Chori Chori 13 37
5 File:Zambia.png Zambia Samantha Bumba Gotta Tell You DQ DQ
6 Spain Spain Xiu Xiu Plàstic Supernova 10 42
7 Turkey Turkey Sibel I'm Sorry 8 52
8 Italy Italy Laura Branigan Self Control 11 42
9 Bangladesh Bangladesh Mila Udashi Meye 12 40
10 Malta Malta Britney Spears Born To Make You Happy 15 25
11 Peru Peru Libido En Esta Habitación 9 47
12 Netherlands Netherlands Esmée Denters Outta Here 3 80
13 Algeria Algeria Cameron Cartio & Cheb Kaled Henna 6 61
14 Bosnia-and-Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Edo Maajka Panika 16 24
15 Portugal Portugal David Carreira Esta Noite 1 85
16 Serbia Serbia Marija Serifovic More Pelina 5 70
17 Iraq Iraq Dashni Morad The Power Of Love 4 76
18 Afghanistan Afghanistan Khaled Khayan ft. Shabana & Aaron Dokhtar-E-Tajik 17 3
19 Taiwan Taiwan Amber Kuo I Remember 1 85
20 India India Samar Sanam Titli 14 26
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