International Fantasy Song Contest 3
Venue Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid Spain Spain
Host La 1, Televisión Española Spain Spain
Number of entries 15
Debuting countries Germany Germany
Iceland Iceland
Moldova Moldova
Norway Norway
Ukraine Ukraine
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10 and then 8-1 points to their favourite songs.
Winning song Germany Germany - Cascada - Glorious (98)
International Fantasy Song Contest
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The second edition of the International Fantasy SongContest was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where Spain won with Belle Perez and her song ‘’El Mundo Bailando‘’ The third will therefore be hosted in Spain by TVE, in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, where football club Real Madrid has decided to work together with TVE, to put a roof on the stadium, to turn it into an arena.

For the national selection of Limburg, a national selection was held:

Artist Song Points
W-Dreej Vandaag 34
IECH & Die Anger Tswei 't sjneit Konfettie 32
Domm & Dööl Kike Song 31
Beppie Kraft Heer späölde accordeon 31
Erwin van 't Merrètkoer Elena 31
Spik en Span De äöpeningsdans 31
De Toddezèk Ketse!  29
Wim en Loe  Rastalaovend 26
La Bamba Waat ze hie zuus det zuus ze nörges 25
Ziesjoem! Friete 24

The entry list for the third International Fantasy Song Contest.

Country Artist Song Place Points User
Limburg W-Dreej Vandaag 12 27 Jeffry390/TheRagingFalcon
Estonia Laura  Destiny 11 41 Selreyes
Russia A.r.m.i.ya Ya Nezavisimaya 2 94 AleksxHille
Friesland De Kast De hel Foarby 10 43 Talitha
Moldova Mariana Mihalia si JF Ballet Iarna se Dansam Latino 6 62 Shadowtiger97 (Shane)
Germany Cascada Glorious 1 98 NetherlandsEsc
United States Fireflight  Unbreakable 4 77 Liev
Iceland Magni Asgeirsson Ekka lita undan 9 48 Nick
Norway Mimi Blix Forever 7 61 XESCFR3AKx
Ukraine Jamala History Repeating 8 60 Logamac
Greece Nino Koinos Paronomastis 5 63 MrEuroVoice
United Kingdom Jessie Ware Wildest Moments 3 80 LanguageNerd09
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