International Fantasy Song Contest 33
Aim For The Sky!
Venue Le Quartz, Brest.
Presenter(s) Jean-Philippe (Fairystyle)
Jeffry Schoenmakers
Host France France
Opening act Joyce Jonathan - Ça Ira
Interval act Santamaria - Eu Sei, Tu És
Number of entries 13
Voting system 1 - 8, 10, 12
International Fantasy Song Contest
◄32    Eurovision Heart    34►


The 33rd edition of the International Fantasy Song Contest will feature the start of the NEW format of IFSC.

The contest will be hosted in Brest, France France, following their win in IFSC 32. The venue selected by the participating countries in IFSC was Le Quartz, chosen over Le Palais des Festivals in Cannes, and L'Olympia in Paris.

National SelectionsEdit

The National Selections can now have artists from countries not available, when there are more than 5 songs, and there can only be 1 'foreign' artist in each National Selection.

The Participating CountriesEdit

Country Artist Song TV Place Points User
Finland Finland Lost Alone ft. Jari Mäenpää Memory YLE TV1 8 64 ESCFan13
France France La Founie ft. Zaho Ma Meilleure France 3 4 73 Fairystyle
Germany Germany Otto Waalkes Das Handylied NDR 9 62 Antoinette
Japan Japan iNinjaz Party Ninja Nippon TV 11 56 Kazucchi
Mexico Mexico Meital De Razon & Jose Spinnin Cortes I Want It Bad FOROtv 7 66 Florian
Romania Romania Follow Your Instinct ft. Alexandra Stan Baby It's OK TVR 1 84 Anton
Spain Spain Lauroba Muxu Batekin EITB 12 52 Antwan
Sweden Sweden ABBA Dancing Queen SVT 2 83 Ilias
Turkey Turkey Hadise Visal TRT 10 62 Alexander
Ukraine Ukraine Max Barskih Dance Inter 6 67 Maaian
United-Kingdom UK The Ting Tings Hands BBC 5 72 Adrià
United-States United States Weird Al Yankovic Party in the CIA ABC 3 80 McKala
File:United States Virgin Islands.png United States Virgin Islands Detox, Willam & Vicky Vox (DWV) Blurred Bynes MSNBC 13 49 Jeffry
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